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A good day.....

Spent a good day with the hubby. Got the truck to the truck doctor. Pleasant conversations with pleasant people :)


Wonderful night out with hubby....

Had a wonderful night out with the hubby last night. He won some money at the bar, had some drinks, and bought some Silpada jewlery ;) Still went home with a little money!!

Monday night is our one night that we specifically make time for us. Glad it turned out so well :)


Husband joined me today......

Husband joined me today for a walk.....actually, I joined him as he asked me to go for a walk. A very pleasant surprise!! He had his federal medical physical a couple of days ago for his CDL license. I know that he and his doc talked about his weight and his BP (he's borderline high). Good to see him doing something good for himself. I just hope he sticks with it :)


Happy new year

Off to another year. Here's to hoping that all our good intentions for self-improvement go off without a hitch. here's to sticking with 'it'!!

My week

I love Thanksgiving week. Three days of work that have some wonderful treats in them. Thanksgiving meal with family. I LOVE TURKEY!! Black Friday spent at work putting up the Christmas tree and lazily getting things done....just to leave a little early :) Saturday and Sunday watching football and being lazy.

It's a rainy Saturday morning. The hubby and daughter are leaving soon, which then leaves me to Internet surfing and coffee drinking by myself with the dog and cat. Can't wait!!

My fridge is filled with leftovers, which means very little food shopping this week.

This by far is my fav week of the year. I really love the holiday season.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving day with family and friends. If I don't make it back here before Christmans/New Year's......have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wednesday clean up

I took a good chunk of my day today and cleaned up my desk and email inboxes. Boy, that was a BIG job. Apparently, it has been awhile. Also filed a lot of papers in the doctor's files. Now I need to find something to do for tomorrow. My little hosital is not very busy :(

The daughter is sitting right next to me watching everything that I do. She is not even being sneaky about it :)


Go Brewers, Go!!

tonight is game 6 of the NLCS between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Let's go Brewers. Wisconsin sports are definitely on a roll this year: Packers and Badgers are undefeated. The Brewers are two games away from the World Series!!

Starting over.....

I restart lots of things. I get bored easily. I recently got a new laptop; my first laptop. I really love it. Internet connection is very good also. Maybe having these new and good things now in my little corner of the world will help me to keep doing this LiveJournal this time.

Life is good right now. I still have a job in this tough economy and family is doing well.

This really is a good outlet for frustrations, good news, and life's little bumps :)


Growing up?!?!?

I just let my 12-year-old daughter stay out until 10:30! She was fighting for 11:00 or 11:30!!

She is just across the street, but still.....

She is definitely growing up. I really will have to start being a little more lenient now that summer is coming. Like I said, it's just across the street....

Wednesday=Hump Day!!

Went to watch my nephew's tennis match last night. He didn't win :( He usually does really well. This was my first match of his that I went to. I really hope I wasn't the jinx.

Going to see the movie Last Song with my daughter tonight and eat Subway before hand. I hope its good. I know that she will enjoy it, just hope I do too ;)

Finally cleaning out the rest of my maternity things. My daughter is now 12 years old. She's an only child and had two miscarriages since her. Would still love to have another one if possible. I know it would be starting over completely, but I don't care :) If she is all I will have, she is more than good enough for me.